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UCASLAR was founded in 1960 and started production in 1960 in Istanbul, as a machining facility, currently situated on two different locations one is 1300 m2 closed area (Dudulllu Facility) and 3500m2 closed / 2000m2 open area (Gebze Facility) including machining shops and testing labs. Hasan Istanbulluoglu & Coskun Istanbulluoglu became shareholders in 2004 and took over the 100% of the company in 2005. Huseyin Istanbulluoglu joined the company in 2007.

Capacity 55% of its total production is for the OEM industry and include products such as Cast/Forged material Machining, Sheet Material Machining, Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Mill Product Machining for commercial, agricultural vehicles and earthmoving machineries. The remaining products are manufactured for Mining, Aviation, Glass Mould industries.

UCASLAR machining capabitiy gives a chance to machine various types of components with different sizes, weighing between 0,10 kg - 800 kg by making efficient use of its modern technology and equipment such as high technology 5 axes machining equipments as well as quality testing and outsourced heat treatment process.

UCASLAR is certified by international standards TS EN - ISO 9001 : 2008 ve ISO 14001:2004. Totally about 90 well educated and experienced employees are currently working in the company. 

UCASLAR has proven success in supplying good quality products with best available prices to the world markets, by means of the highly efficient and dynamic production technologies in application. Ca. 50 % of the total production of UCASLAR company is going to many countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain, Finland, Sweden, Russia, USA.

UCASLAR has already proven the technological level and reliability it has reached, by supplying aviation industry components as well. 

UCASLAR believes that it has the adequate capabilities to continue growing its share in the world markets, empowered with the technological strength, flexibility and accumulated experience and thus looks forward to the future with great expectations.

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